You Too Can Rise From Adversity and Challenge Into Action!

I’m back on track. You can be too.

Have you watched those programmes where a team of professional come and give a home a makeover that wows everyone?

Just like an interior decorator can come in ad do things to your home that you would never have envisioned; a coach can work with you to transform your life in the same way.

Having lived a life sprinkled with adversity, I have turned many negatives into a GIGANTIC positive.

One to one coaching is a great way of getting you back on track and staying on track with your lifestyle goals.

I know not everyone necessarily wants or can afford a coach (although I believe everyone should have one) and, as a coach, I don’t accept just anyone as a private client.

Having a client is a like entering into a new relationship where trust and compatibility matter most, so choosing the right match is important for you and me.

Another thing that’s crucial for me is only taking on clients that get off their arse and do the work.

Life Can Throw Some Serious Spoilers Your Way When You’re Least Expecting It…

I don’t know about you, but I never imagined having to rebuild my life in my 40’s. Life really landed me on my arse and left me totally bewildered

I cannot tell you what bad timing my last experience was. I was happy settled and earning a nice tidy sum, we had two (sometimes three) holidays a year and then…


However, I came to realise I am not alone in finding myself having the rug pulled from under my feet, late in life after having an extremely successful, long and lucrative career and business (which is what financed me whilst I rebuilt my life).

I felt totally lost. In literally seconds it all went up in smoke! I lost my business, my security and, over a period of over two years of partial paralysis and permanent neurological damage… all my savings went too, WTF?? I really hadn’t planned for this.

Whether I liked it or not, my Lifestyle was experiencing turbulence!

A life changing car accident didn’t just turn my life upside down… it did several somersaults, assaulted my confidence and landed me flat on my arse.

Does this resonate with you?

Fret not! You are a warrior, get up, dust yourself off and get yourself a coach who will keep you going, can’t afford a 1:1 coach?

Not a problem, there are so many ambitious people like you who know the value of a good coach but can’t pay the rates they charge.

That’s why I set up the group coaching club, get yourself a coach without burning a hole in your pocket or finding yourself in the deep depths of dreaded debt, ready to join the club?

Change Your Mindset, Change Your Outlook, Change Your Life!

Many others, like me, are finding themselves having to rebuild after redundancy, life changing events or just because they feel it’s time to transition into something new.

If that’s you, then you are in the right place. together, we can work to get you back on track, with some additional improvements along the way.

Now I am an advocate of doing your research before you go ‘all in’, my testimonials say it all. Just click on the link below to get a feel for how I work and the results I get for my clients.

Find out what others say

Are you ready for me to help you develop greater self-awareness, highlight opportunities and improve mindset so that you can manage your own direction?

Change your lifestyle for the better, or simply find the new ‘self’ that you are ready to step into.

Be forewarned; you need to be resilient, engaged and motivated for your coaching to create the change you want to see in your life (if I’m honest, I’m a little picky about who I take on).

Let’s discuss your needs and whether we are a good fit (we have to click for this to work).

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