Do you want to create an L&D service that’s dynamic and current?

I have worked in Learning and Development for over two decades.

As an associate member and mentor for CIPD,  and a qualified teacher, NLP coach and DiSC trainer; I keep abreast of all the new developments and approaches to learning and organisational development.

In addition, I have spent the last 26 years studying human behaviour, 9 years using NLP for mind-set change, 10 years studying the psychology of self-sabotage, low confidence and limiting beliefs and I’m using  all this knowledge and experience to help you to success.

Let me work with you to build a strong and creative AGILE Learning system that is both dynamic, effective and current.

Explore your options during our 30-minute call and if you feel we can work together, we can have a face to face consultation at your convenience.

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“Shahilla has been involved in developing and delivering Integrated Working training in London Borough of Richmond, and Royal Borough of Kingston, and latterly for Achieving for Children (AfC), for 9 years… Crucially, she also has a very secure understanding of guidance and the legislative framework underpinning the processes, and is able to communicate this very effectively, and in an engaging manner when delivering the training… I have no hesitation in recommending Shahilla as an experienced, engaging and reliable trainer.”

C. Reynolds, Professional Development Lead, Workforce Development Team, Achieving for Children.

Covering all areas of Learning and Development, including:

Creating an AGILE learning culture

Developing and cultivating your L&D strategy

Creating and/or developing your entire L&D service model

L&D Project management (can manage multiple projects)

Needs analysis and personal development plans

Dynamic learning design and delivery using a variety of models

Implementing digital learning technology 

Leadership development

Soft skills



DiSC Behaviour Profiling and coaching

Regulatory/Mandatory training.

A quick overview of what I do:

Turn your L&D vision into positive behaviour improvement

Apply psychological approaches and systems to increase effectiveness and implementation of learning

Apply a system to identify skills and competency gaps more efficiently

Implement digital, blended and dynamic learning opportunities

Create a robust and effective evaluation model for performance and service delivery

Talent management and Succession planning

Support change management processes to work more efficiently

Identify and address compliance requirements

Create a robust and effective learning culture across your organisation.

I believe in taking a blended approach to ensure everyone gets the most from the service.

Let me create  and/or improve the learning and development strategy, model and programme, making it more current and dynamic.

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My Work Ethic

I believe success is measured by how you/your service/your workforce has improved in direct relation to my involvement.

Well versed in the full training cycle and the psychology of learning; I am keen to measure impact on an on-going basis because I believe that there is always value in exploring different ways of doing things.

I am pleased to say that feedback has always been very good, and I pride myself in delivering the very best service to my customers.

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*Coaching and NLP can, upon request also be included within commissioned services.

Get a Free DiSC Behavioural Profile.

Claim your free 8 Dimensions of Leadership Map DiSC Profile and half hour  coaching session on your personal  profile report. 

Once you have completed your questionnaire,  I will give you a free half hour coaching session.

We will work through your specific primary leadership dimension – Pioneering, Energizing, Affirming, Inclusive, Humble, Deliberate, Resolute, or Commanding.

I am offering this service free to 1 person per month so get in touch. Limit of One Profile person.

Email me with your full name, the email you would like me to send your access code to and how you think this offer will help you (make it good and tangible).  I will select the best three of the bunch. 

How it Works…

If you then decide that you would like to continue your coaching journey with me, you will get a 15% discount on your initial 6 sessions that’s a saving of  £90!

DiSC Certified Trainer Blue

“The action learning sets proved really useful in helping me to think outside of the box and try new ways of approaching challenges. The experience has also changed the way I communicate with staff; I now use the questioning method to empower them to find their own answers to challenges relating to their area of work.”  

VM Service Manager, Royal Borough Of Kingston

Approved Provider/Tutor/Trainer/Coach for:

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Turn your L&D vision into positive behaviour improvement

My associates (where required) and I work with you you get the best out of your teams and we’ll put the best into their CPD by developing capabilities, enhancing skills and managing talent.

Creating a system that makes teams feel valued and motivated, because retention of good staff is key to the success of your organisation.

Apply psychological approaches and systems to increase effectiveness and implementation of learning

Creating programmes that support staff to implement their learning with confidence.

Creating and/or developing your entire L&D service Offer.

By working closely with senior leadership and stakeholders, I can look into the whole L&OD service framework and suggest improvements and efficiencies. Applying a system to identify skills and competency gaps more efficiently, create a robust and effective evaluation model for performance and  service  delivery. Planning a dynamic talent management and succession planning programme which meets the needs of your organisation and employees.

I provide a bespoke service, tailored to each level of your organisation, meeting regulatory standards and current business needs.

Redesigning the L&OD function to better meet the organisation’s goals and aspirations is what I do best.

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Why Creating A Dynamic L&OD Model is Important

Continuous professional development should be a fun, enjoyable and varied experience.

If it feels tedious, it’s time to try out a new approach.

According to the various Towards Maturity Research reports ,  variety really is the spice of L&D, along with autonomy and tailoring.

Creating a comfortable working and learning environment is key to the success of your organisation. Individuals learn more effectively when a learning culture is at the heart of everything you do.

Face to face training should engage learners and encourage them to find their own answers; being talked at achieves nothing. 

A follow up programme after face to face interventions is essential to helping learners retain and apply more of what they learned in the classroom setting. 

Self-improvement is an exciting, challenging and learning journey, not a destination.

Why Choose Me?

Designing, developing and delivering training to staff within organisations, is something I have successfully done for over 26 years.

You can also commission a whole range of L&OD, training, coaching and NLP packages for your staff, request your copy of the training brochure.

I have developed an excellent follow up programme based on psychological evidence, to ensure what is learned in the classroom environment is retained and implemented. This programme will reduce the need for repeat training sessions.

Experienced in working  with different levels within an organisation, I pride myself on my rapport building and effective communication skills.

The many years of CPD, teaching, training and my Associate CIPD badge allow me to use up to date processes and systems that are dynamic and have the flexibility of changing as the organisational needs change.

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Everything DiSC Certified Trainer

DiSC Certified Trainer Blue

Everything DiSC is a behavioural model which looks at tendencies, preferences, priorities and styles. Each profile focuses on a specific context helping you to improve in that particular  area .

The assessment comes up with a very detailed report which forms an incredible platform for coaching as it helps the ‘coachee’ really focus on the elements that they feel they want to work on. 

The report can be used to work towards future coaching goals too, so a sound investment all round.

Everything DiSC is the worlds’ most popular and validated personality/behaviour assessment.

Everything DiSC profiles can be used with everyone in an organisation, regardless of title or role, to improve the quality of the workplace.

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Children’s Services Specialist Training

There are a variety of courses for professionals working with children, young people and families.

My associates and I have memberships to various networks to ensure that we provide you with training that is up to date and in line with any new developments in this field of work.

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Developing Our Young People

Other areas I specialise in include working with young people to develop transferable skills that they can utilise in their personal lives and take into the workplace.

This service branches out to offer training and support to the many independent youth coaches working with children and young people.

Helping clarify the legal requirements in keeping children safe and protecting themselves from allegations.

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