There’s no pushy sales pitch, we’ll just have a chat about you, what you’d like to happen in your life. Check that we are a good ‘fit’ and how we can work together if you decide to take on my services.

Book Your 20 Minute Fast Fix Session.

This is for you if you just want to tap into coaching as and when required for very specific goals. Come prepared so you can get the best from your time.

Book Your Free 30 Minute Consultation Here:

If you would like to discuss any of my services in relation to your specific needs or want to know how you and I can work together; book your free coaching or L&OD consultation here.

You can also book your next coaching session using this option.

NB: only one free consultation per individual/organisation.

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Don’t want to commit to a minimum number of sessions?

Fancy a sounding board as and when you need it?

Just need someone at hand to help you gain clarity from time to time?

This 40 -minute ‘pay as you go’ option is the best one for you. You pay per session as and when you need it.

In order to make the most of your time, please make sure you have a clear idea of what you want to work through with me; if you aren’t 100% certain, just drop me an email so I can help you define clear goals before our session.