Have You Ever Been Called a ‘Loose Cannon’?

October 18, 2016 Shahillab 0Comment

Being called a ‘Loose Cannon’ or other such labels isn’t nice. It’s happened to me more than once, usually when I challenge something that doesn’t feel right or ethical.

Have you ever been called a ‘loose cannon’?

I hope that question doesn’t offend as it isn’t meant in that vein at all.  ‘Loose Cannon’ where did it come from and why have I been called one a good few times in my life?

Although I didn’t know the origins of the term or its true meaning, I got the gist alright!

I checked out the urban dictionary, (good old Google always delivers) and this is what I got:

“In the days of sail, naval vessels mounted cannon carefully and purposefully rigged into positions which optimised the effect of their fire. Occasionally, the rigging of these very heavy guns might come loose, and with the vessel pitching about on high seas or during manoeuvre in battle, the results for the ship and crew could prove catastrophic. The term has come to describe a person lacking prudence or insight, whose actions and/or speech jeopardises the safety of people in their proximity or under their authority.”

After reading that I was most definitely offended!

Now, you may not know me, you may have met me, been on my training, tapped into a free webinar or just know me through my blogs and weekly emails, do you think I would ever put anyone in jeopardy?

Exactly! I Wouldn’t!

By the way, if you haven’t signed up for the free weekly emails, you really should, they are courage and motivation givers… honestly

I Digress!

Getting to the point of this blog; I want you to remember that doing what you believe to be right is always the best way forward in life; you do after all have to live with yourself for the rest of your life right?

Well the philosophy I live by is very simple: Hurt no one intentionally, help whenever possible, show empathy and respect for all that lives and breathes.

When something isn’t right… say it!! Even if it isn’t happening to you, if it is happening to you… what are you waiting for?

Stepping Out of The Crowd

I know it can be scary especially when others feel the same way but act like they are OK with what’s going on. When this happens, fury flashes through me, it’s only for an instant, but it does happen.

My job has always been to promote love for yourself and others, love for the environment, peace and tranquillity etc. but the last time I looked I was only human, so let’s keep it real.

I have been labelled and put in the ‘loose cannon’ camp a few times, usually because I strongly disagree with a new plan or new direction we are taking at a place of work. I speak up when no one else does, despite that fact that they may agree with me.

The ‘Loose Cannon’ Label

My belief and stance has always been:  if we are having a meeting to discuss something it implies a space for discussion, disagreement, challenge, compromise and working together to find the best way forward.

This, in my opinion does not make me a ‘Loose Canon’, I am not a ticking time bomb. I believe labelling is just a way of intimidating a person and oppressing those who challenge.

That’s how I see it, that’s the way to progress as a whole team and not a fragmented team.

It might be that my view may be due to a misunderstanding or just my perspective and, I may well be persuaded to agree, through discussion, and validation of the proposal. All healthy stuff.

However, what if you are right and someone above you is doing something for a quick fix, a quick win and you can see the catastrophe that will take place much further down the line?

What if that happens?

In Comes the so called ‘Time Bomb’

Well, you need to make your concerns known. I always do, and this has led to me being labelled ‘Loose Canon’ a few times.

I am OK with that because my points have been made and noted, so should the boat over turn further down the line, I did say so. Ahhhaha! Did that sound like a ‘told you so?’

Hehehe, I might have thought that for an instant, but that’s not the point, it’s not the winning or being right… it’s doing the right thing that’s important.

Sometimes people ‘label’ you to make you feel bad, inferior, to undermine you or to get you to tow the line. Even though they too probably know it’s a bad line…


Stand firm in what you believe. I know it can be difficult and more often than not, these things happen at work (most of mine were work related) and you feel you may risk your job by speaking out.

If that is the case, have your say, tell them you disagree. Then if you have to tow the line you’ve made your point… Karma will see to the rest my dear, trust in that.

Want a sounding board for an issue you might currently be facing at work, home or in your social circle? Get in touch; book your free consultation today. Let’s put the world to rights together…. maybe not quite the entire world, but our piece of it, which is a very important piece indeed!

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