Why You Don’t Achieve Your Goals.

March 22, 2016 Shahillab 0Comment

You know what you need to do to get it… so why haven’t you achieved your lifestyle goals yet?

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I have so often wondered about how this happens, I also appreciate that we are complex beings with different perspectives, values and beliefs.

Having met so many people with so much talent who say they want ‘X’.

When the discussion begins, it seems they do have all the answers to how to get ‘X’.

Many times, there’s nothing getting in the way of them going ahead and achieving their lifestyle goals immediately… which is great, right?

Well yes if it happens but very often, I meet them further down the line and they…


Haven’t Achieved it Yet!! What’s Gone Wrong?


The million pound question is, why , how have they not yet achieved their lifestyle goals, those things they so wanted?

That thing they knew how to get when all the factors were perfect, nothing in the way, no barriers, not constraints, no doubts…  what on earth happens?

Only the individual can answer that question in detail (give their excuses… whoops I meant reasons). 

When the time is right and everything is in your favour what is it that has kept you from getting that thing you were so fired up about?

I think it’s all to do with two things, Fear and Procrastination, let me explain this in a simple formula, my very own formula, might I add.

Fear = Procrastination

Procrastination = Inaction

Inaction = No Progress, No ‘X’

In short:  Fear of success=not achieving your ‘X’

That makes me very sad indeed.

If there are barriers, these can be worked through. Could it be that success feels too easy, as the wind (so to speak) was so much in your favour?

Could it be that achieving that success suddenly becomes very real and very scary?

Could it be that knowing what you want and how to get it isn’t enough?

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Here's the Ugly Truth About Success

Sometimes we can know exactly what we want, how to get it and still not achieve it.

Usually because of the fear of failure or success and, this boils down to having enough confidence to ‘Do it‘ anyway.

As Nike would say ‘just do it’ as my mentor would say ‘JFDI’ I think you can work that one out for yourself.

3D man JFDI

Well JFDI is easier said than done and if you falter due to lack of confidence in getting that thing you so want. 

The journey can come to a very sudden halt.

No one is confident all the time, you know that, we all know that and yet no one wants to admit to lacking confidence in any way whatsoever.

If we cannot admit we need something more than a goal to and the steps to achieving success, we could be in for a very stagnant future.

The thing about confidence is that you can always build it up in the areas you need it, does that sound good to you?

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Many of the people in the media in the public eye have moments of loss of

confidence or areas in their lives that they don’t feel so confident.

But, they do have techniques and a coach to hand that help them to ‘JFDI’ despite feeling wobbly.

They have learnt ways of regaining loss of confidence, making sure that the show goes on.

You can have that too, you can learn skills and techniques that will allow you to

work through the reasons for your loss of confidence in certain areas of your life.

You can grasp techniques that you can use instantly on occasions where you feel your confidence is about to depart. 

As with anything, you have to learn it and do it and keep doing it until it becomes your norm…

Can You Do That?

Your answer depends on how much you want the things that you are currently not working towards, the lifestyle, the career progression, the new job, the work/life balance whatever it is that you know you want, know what to do to get it, but haven’t got yet.  If you could get a fabulous and free solution to keeping a hold of your confidence at all times, would you take it?


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