Six Simple Action Steps…

September 10, 2015 Shahillab 0Comment

…to working towards your financial (and other) goals

I recently attended a very insightful, straight talking seminar for entrepreneurial women. I found this event really interesting and useful, for once; I was able to follow all the financial information and advice provided. This was a jargon-free look at all of your investment options covering the pros and cons of each in clear and simple terms. Being at this event really got me thinking…how many people enthusiastically attend a seminar /talk/presentation on a subject that they want to work towards or further develop?

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Many of us have something that we would like to embark on, improve or just do more of. Perhaps go for that dream job, promotion, dabble in stocks and shares or perhaps even property.

      So….what sets apart those who go to that event and actually get the wheels in motion in a matter of days and weeks; using what they have learnt from the event in order to achieve their desired outcome and those who don’t? Most people will agree that they leave the event really excited, buzzing and raring to go but only a few will actually make effective use of the content.

          As a coach and NLP practitioner I believe that we all have the ability to successfully work towards our goals, some of us just need a bit of support to turn their goals and aspirations into actions. To help them to find the right way forward, to think outside of the box and stay motivated by taking small steps and celebrating each success big and small.

         I have decided share some simple but effective steps you can take which will help you to identify your desired outcome, identify the action and work towards achieving that goal!
When working towards anything, you need to get into the habit of writing everything down.

Ask yourself:
1. “What do I really want?” write it down, you can have short term goals (6months t a year) and long-term goals (2to 5 years)

2. “How much do I really want this on a scale of 1-10?”

3. “What will achieving this goal give me (in my life/career/relationship/financial situation)?” List everything and if you can find images to remind you, put those up where you will see them daily.

4. “What have I already done to work towards this goal?” list everything you have done, researched or have as a resource to help you towards your goal, also list any barriers there may be.

5. “What else can I do to work towards this goal and to overcome any barriers?” List these and rate them; if it can be done fairly quickly/easily give it a 1, if it will take a bit longer/more work rate it at 2, if it needs resources, help from others or more effort to achieve, rate it as a 3. If an action doesn’t work as you had anticipated, go back to your list and try something else. This list is a ‘LIVE’ list so you can amend it or add to it as you go along your journey.

6. The aim is to achieve two steps rated at 1, two rated at 2 and one rated at 3 every fortnight – write down what you will do, how you will achieve it and put a timescale next to each action with a completion date. Each action is your stepping stone towards our desired goal/outcome.

TIP: Share your goals and action timescales with someone that you know will be there to encourage and motivate you so that you can keep going.
TIP: there is no right or wrong way of carrying out the above steps, do what feels right for you and have fun with it. This is your journey, there may be many roads that lead to your desired goal and you will find the best route for you. I WISH YOU THE BEST OF LUCK!

Shahilla Barok
Director Aptitude Coaching and Training Ltd.
Motivational Lifestyle Coach & NLP Practitioner

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