Precious Time, Precious Life

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I don’t believe that there is anyone on the planet that would disagree with the title of this blog.


            Not a day goes by

when someone doesn’t mention more time or better quality of life.  Yet we also hear ‘life is what you make it ‘ it’s a term that is very familiar and well utilised….so do we actually take this advice or have we stopped hearing it because it’s so familiar…you know, the ‘part of the furniture’ kind of thing?


We all know what is right and what is good for us so I have to question, WHY doesn’t everyone do it? We could get into a very deep debate just around intentions…if the intention isn’t there…there will be no motivation to do it. A ‘want’ is not necessarily an intention as such, although it is defined as a desire in the Oxford dictionary, I believe a desire is not always realised. How likely you are to take steps to achieve that ‘want’, that ‘desire’ is where the key lies. Do you want it enough or so much that you are intent on making it a reality?

The oxford dictionary definition of Intent is:


intention or purpose.

“with alarm she realized his intent”


determined to do (something).

“the government was intent on achieving greater efficiency”



        With Social media constantlyPhone media

at the end of our noses, we are all veterans of quotes and motivational lines that tell us life is precious, we can do whatever we want, we should live life to the full, how important it is to look after our overall well-being and we all look at these and most of us agree with the message, some may share and then move on to the next meme, post, blog. Many will not change a thing…although there may be some things in their life that could benefit with a tweak or two.




So many people I have spoken to

about health and looking at it holistically, all the changes that will benefit etc. is quite amazing.By the way I have to add at this stage that people actually ask me about these things…I’m not imposing…honest!! These conversations are commonplace, so much so I even overhear such conversations on almost a daily basis…does that indicate that most people already know quite a lot about achieving overall well-being so they can enjoy their lives….their time on this planet? Well it must do right?


        However, judging by the many conversations

          I have had about this very topic, life, and well-being and all that goes with it; the conversation usually goes along the lines of either ‘how are you always so upbeat and happy?’  or if they know about the strange goings on of my life i.e. two near deaths and one actual death…they do, understandably become rather curious. They will listen, make all the right noises, but I can see who is going to actually take some of the suggestion on and do something with them, unfortunately it isn’t many.

I credit my (thankfully) continued existence

to the fact that I have always looked after myself to some degree, how much I do this has increased considerably over the years (ageing gracefully does not mean you sit on your laurels…damn it!). So I always wonder why some people demonstrate their want to feel well and live well yet don’t do it…I think that’s to do  with intention partnered with the lack of clarity, knowledge and support, which is why I do what I do for a living.


        At this point, if you’re still here, 

I am thinking We are mainly in agreement about precious life and precious time. I came across a Daily Mail article from 2009 whilst looking for statistics on stress related health conditions and I was pleased ( and surprised) to find that it was an interesting piece that demonstrates how we spend our average life span, it makes you think, I mean really think…a bit like the jellybean video. If you haven’t seen it yet, watch it here


       So back to the article

        I read through some of the statistics and have pulled out a just a few to share with you, if you are like me and want to see the whole thing you can see it here. If you do go to the link page check out numbers 4 & 5 for a real eye opener. Here are the ones that interest me most because they have so much to do with mind-set and well-being.  My comments on these are in italic:




  1. 366 days off sick – let’s change this, starting today

The average Brit spends a year of their working life off sick, says the Confederation of British Industry.

Recent research has shown that over 39% of illnesses are stress related and 49% of days off work are due to illness caused by work related stress…shocking isn’t it?

Further reading here


  1. 11 years in front of the TV

If you are stuck in front of the goggle box for the average of four hours a day that adds up to 11 years. And in all that time you still you won’t find much worth watching.

I personally don’t even do an hour in front of the TV sometimes I don’t watch it for days! Surely there’s lots of other stuff to do? We spend most of our working day looking at a screen and then we go home to do the same…doesn’t make sense to me. We need to be outside getting reconnected with nature (I live in London and quite easily manage to find nature, so no excuses!)


  1. 5months complaining

We spend eight minutes every day moaning about bad service, according to a poll by Hilary Blinds.

Whatever is uttered out of your mouth or is thought by you, becomes your reality, this is not just my crazy mind or that of all those wonderful ‘alternative lifers’, this is now scientifically acknowledged…negative talk, negative thoughts attract negativity…period. Our brain cannot differentiate  between the past and present so reliving a past, indicates to the brain that you are actually going through that experience physically and it will bring up the necessary emotions to protect you i.e. fight or flight…here’s a video about Dr Emoto’s experiment which shows the impact of words:


  1. 115 days laughing – Let’s increase this one

We spend six minutes a day laughing, but we’re more miserable than we used to be – in the 50s we spent three times as long having a chuckle, says an Ocean Village poll.

Baby LaughingWe are in a time where everyone is trying to reconnect with themselves, be at one with themselves, reconnecting with what is important in life…we have quite clearly lost our way a little bit and we are out of touch with nature…so now many are working to put this right for themselves. One of the new phenomenon’s of this search for inner peace, happiness and contentment is Laughter Therapy or Laughter Yoga. Guys we don’t laugh enough…or at least the average population doesn’t. I certainly do and sometimes very inappropriately, well…immaturely, but hey that’s a perception thing more on that another time. Anyway here’s a video that explains it…laughingly, I chose it because it’s a good example of how it works and I was fascinated by this guy…go on have a go it’s quite infectious and it’s a cardiovascular workout! Or you could just spend more time around children they are great for laughter, alternatively go out and socialise with a great group of friends…perhaps a comedy club?


  1. 99,117hrs at work

The average British bloke spends all this time grafting at work, according to recent Government statistics. That’s the equivalent of 11 and a half years of solid slog.

Just look at how much of our precious time we spend at work! So doesn’t it make sense to enjoy your time at work too? Yes I know what you’re thinking, but remember the mind-set thing I mentioned earlier, your thoughts become your reality so go watch the laughter thing and come back when you’re upbeat and positive…seriously you need to make these 99,117 hours good, after all it’s time out of your life that you will never get back. More on this topic another time.


In the meantime,

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So to conclude:

I think I have pretty much covered the more time thing in my Action Planning blogs:

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