The Margins of Ceremony

June 1, 2015 Shahillab 0Comment

So there we were…

On Skype…sorting out a technical issue…it’s always nice to be able to see the person you are engaging with right? Well that was the issue.

Once we finished tampering, Catherine and I got down to the business of fine tuning our Well-being event. Both like two exceptionally excited children with more ideas than time!!

Does that happen to you too?

It’s so easy to get over-enthusiastic about a subject that you are passionate about. We are incredibly passionate about sharing our knowledge, skills and experience to empower others to live full, healthy lives in which they can achieve all that they aspire to.

Imagine this…

Two adventurers about to embark on their first exciting joint venture…one of many I’m sure.3D Man Sooo Excited

Both considerably fired up and sharing information and adding and taking away and adding again to the already full workshop.

The most intriguing thing about this conversation was…

…that each of us mentioned something in passing that we wanted to include in the session. Something that would add that little extra, a little more than the lots we already had to inform and motivate our wonderful event guests.

Catherine shared something with me,

that to her was just run of the, mill stuff, so covered so much in one short sentence, I was fascinated, so I asked her to repeat it and wrote it down with a view to share it with my girls and my health conscious friends; this happened more than once…I was blown away! I learnt something new just through one conversation.

I know at this point you’re itching to know what was shared.

So here it is, I asked the simple question, will you be covering anything around what happens whilst we sleep? Her answer “oh yes…very important stuff, sleep hygiene* is key to well-being…what’s also very important are the mineral Magnesium and Zinc as they have so many jobs to do in the body….” Then she went on to explain and the enthusiasm in her voice demonstrated just how passionate she is about all this.

Similarly Catherine did exactly the same…

…thing when I shared things that I thought were pretty common knowledge. Needless to say that there is a deep mutual appreciation here…even more so after that Skype session.

To Conclude and Clarify

My point, well there’s more than one:

  • Take the time to talk to people about their passion and watch them suddenly light up…it’s so great to see and it’s infectious!


  • You can only fit so much into a day, evening, , event, ceremony…we have crammed in a great deal and after last night fine-tuned the timings to make sure you get as much out of it as possible


  • When you’re passionate about something, and we are very passionate about the work we do, you just want to keep giving, which brings me nicely onto the next point


  • When there’s too much to give…offer a goody bag, a nice take away that allows individuals to refer to the important points in their own time and over again (I think I can share with you that Catherine as a very accomplished chef will be giving away her Nutritionally balanced recipes as part of the ‘Goodies’…a whole week’s worth!)




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