What’s Your Soul Food?

May 29, 2015 Shahillab 3Comment

In today’s world we seem to be rushing around…

doing things that ‘should’ be done and I have found that there are many who don’t make time for their Soul…when I ask them what their Soul Food is, I get a blank look, now 9 times out of 10 this means that they don’t have soul food, the other 1 out of 10 just think I’m a few sandwiches short of a picnic.


It worries me to know…

…that there are people out there working really hard doing all the ‘shoulds’ and not doing the ‘wants’ or ‘would love to-s’ the technical term would be intrinsically motivated activities; why is that? Have we been led to believe that we have to be doing things that produce visible or demonstrable results, the technical term being extrinsically motivated activities? I don’t know, you might know and if you do please enlighten me, I’d appreciate that.

More on the difference between intrinsically and extrinsically motivated activities:


Now this piece has come about because of a meeting…

A business meeting with a really nice chap, he was as chirpy and happy as me despite the miserable grey day we were having. So we got talking about general stuff just to get to know each other a bit before talking business.


I mentioned my Charity…

Which was a labour of love and of course my choir singing…both of which really aren’t income generating activities.


However, these activities for me…

Are my soul food, they feed my soul, I feel so utterly fulfilled by them and that’s the income I generate from these activities. Both are also challenging activities that stimulate me to think differently, plan, practice, and continuously develop…all very enjoyable stuff… the soul food has to be challenging enough to stimulate your mind and your senses.

I have been coordinating the charity for 16 years now…that’s testament to how much I get from it.

I have been singing for as long as I can remember, I joined a community choir 8 years ago which sadly disbanded last year. Luckily we still keep in touch and the organiser sent me an email about a theatre looking to recruit a community choir for a production. Well  of course I went to audition and somehow got in…at that point however I hadn’t realised we were actually going to be part of the play…now there was a super duper sized challenge for me. More on that on another blog but if you’re curious about the play, which I highly commend…I love it because it is coincidentally about life and death and has some very motivational moments in it, here’s the link:


Once I’d shared, it was only polite…

for him to share what his soul food was…it was quite amazing at how many mutual interests we had…socialising is also soul food but more on that on a different day.


Make no mistake…

These activities are so very important to my overall well-being, without them I would be running the rat race with no fuel for my soul and without a happy soul…life’s a bit pants.

I must also add that I do the usual feel good stuff like eat well and stay active which contribute to my holistic well-being…but the soul food is special…it gets right into the heart of who I am and creates a feeling that can only be described as sheer happiness, contentment and warmth all rolled into one.

Being totally engrossed in a past time is a form of mindfulness…and by now we should all have heard of this phenomenon if not here is an interesting read for you:

And for those who prefer scholarly articles:


Research has shown that having hobbies/enjoyable activities helps improve performance at work:


So  what’s your soul food?


Think about that for a while and when you have it, go back to my blogs around action planning…and factor it in…Soul Food is one of the key things to your holistic well-being.

I cover this during the Well-being event and give a bit more of an insight into how you can rediscover or discover your soul food and factor it into your life. We will also be doing a bit of mindfulness with chocolate…just heavenly.

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