Who’s Listening?

May 16, 2015 Shahillab 0Comment

This is a question with many facets3D men with loud hailers

 (hmm…I may cover each one over the course of our

communications, let’s see how I go).

Firstly, who really listens to you when you need a good sturdy sounding board…preferably one that doesn’t interrupt whilst you’re in flow?

Are you a good listener for your friends, family, colleagues, team members?


I think you will agree…

That everyone needs a good listener at certain times in their life with its ups and downs. So, do you have that particular person who you can count on and turn to? Perhaps, like me you have more than one person who is dependable, a good sturdy sounding board; who you go to depends what you need to get off your chest. I’m not sure if you will be able to relate to this, I myself have different ‘types’ of friends, so the one I go to depends on the issue I need to get off my chest.

I am a great believer in not leaving things to fester…mainly due to vanity and self-preservation (want to stay well and live life to the full). My advice to you, get it off your chest get it out before it starts to affect your life in other ways. Now, this in no way means say what you think whenever the moment takes you, but it does mean finding a good ear and a sturdy shoulder that will listen so you can off load…I don’t like to let things ulcerate (that’s a juicy word isn’t it?), I off load and move on feeling much lighter, happier and ready for the next adventure.

Here’s a gem of wisdom from me, I put it down to vanity:

I don’t want to age faster than necessary by ‘holding on’ to things that will just make me miserable now and will seem like a drop in the ocean when I look back later…Let Go!!

Either get your sounding board/s or if you are private person who doesn’t necessarily like to vocalise their deepest feelings and thoughts…then write it down, believe me , it’s a very cathartic. Once you’re done, tear it up, burn it, bury it make a paper aeroplane and watch it fly off into the distance…whatever takes your fancy.

Here’s a great quote form a lady called Joan Bakewell and by now you’ll know how much I love my quotes.

I read this quote in one of my many big issues. Yes I am one of those people who will buy from every Big Issue vendor I encounter on my travels through London. So here it is:

“From day to day the media like to stir up our worries, until we forget to celebrate”

Don’t forget to celebrate, life happens and you just have to take it with a pinch of salt and always look for the positive.

So often, so many hold on to things…

…that in time, a few hours, days, weeks, will seem trivial and pointless. Let me just say, I completely understand that these issues at the time can seem very real, big and important…but honestly does holding onto it and playing it over and over in your head make it any better? Does it get resolved? Probably not, in my experience (yes I am only human after all) it does nothing but make you increasingly miserable…so just press the STOP and EJECT button and go and enjoy the things that are good, going well and make you happy.



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