The Very Busy Person’s Action Plan (No. 3)

November 6, 2014 Shahillab 0Comment

3. Action planning to keep you on track:

24/07/2014 (Hanna’s Graduation, yes it’s still the same morning!)

Last time I talked to you about ensuring you factor in the ‘values’ in order to help you keep to your action planning. If your action plan does not reflect your values stuff and time is not allocated to this, it quite simply will not work because it does not motivate you.

The second thing your action plan should be doing is keeping you focused and on track…all sounds quite like common sense doesn’t it?

Yes it is completely common sense but at times…when you sit down to create your action plan something strange happens…for me…well I’m superwoman in my head and that seems to take over if I allow it to and I end up creating a crap action plan that I like my clients, will eventually want to shove in some drawer and forget about!

So what do you need to think about when you are factoring all the important stuff around the ‘VALUE stuff’?

Prioritise – yes common sense once again but you’ll be surprised at what is sometimes deemed as priority just because it happens to be at the fore of our minds (our minds are clever things and can play some very sneaky tricks on us!)


Look at what you need to do and ask yourself what the deadlines are for them…i.e. things like responding to calls or calling to sort out incorrect bills or query your credit card statement or make that doctors appointment…these things need to be done sooner rather than later right? By the way these are just examples…it’s much easier translating this into work terms…prioritise the tasks that are needed sooner…long term projects can be factored in by allocating a specific amount of time to them each day e.g. 2 hours  on ‘X’ project three times a week or something like that, but do note one point…


….It is important to have an action plan for every aspect of your life i.e. work and personal…why? Because you don’t want one impinging on the other and you want to create focus so that you don’t end up being overwhelmed by the personal ’homey’ things that you should have done…if they are factored into your plan (realistically) then they will get done! “Simples” (as our Meer cat celebrity would say).


There’s also the BIG, long term stuff that we haven’t yet covered I will though…next time so keep an eye out.


So about the accident…well I obtained a level 3 injury to my neck, “what does that mean?” you might ask…I asked the very same question and the answer? “well, a level 4 is a broken neck…how are you still so positive, bouncy and smiling?” was the response I got from my Physiotherapist…my answer “I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that…at times like this ignorance is bliss”




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