The Very Busy Person’s Action Plan (No.1)

October 31, 2014 Shahillab 4Comment

1. The very busy person’s action plan…and its potential downfall!

5.23am 24 July 2014 ( Hanna’s Graduation day!!)

At this point you are probably looking at your computer screen and asking (perhaps shouting? nah!)


“What is the very busy person’s action plan and why would it be a potential downfall?”


As you can see above, I wrote this quite some time ago at an ungodly hour on the basis that I would forget this wonderful thought. I was rushing around that day trying to get a dozen things done before it was time to go to my daughter’s graduation ceremony. I was very unwell but was determined that I would be there for this memorable day that was a dream finally realised through hard work and conviction, I am very proud of her.


Well, Action planning is something that is done with the very best of intentions and it is an excellent habit to have…so if you already do this regularly…bravo! As you are one in very few who do.

So those of you who do have this habit of creating and following an action plan need to ask yourself just one question…

…”is it realistic?”…no, really…is it?

Now be honest with yourself as this could be one of the downfalls. Most people seem to  only include one or two aspirations as their action planning but a good action plan needs to include the following: need to think about different types of goals:

  • Aspirational goals…i.e. what you want to achieve in your life, your dream
  • Things you want to keep doing
  • Things you want to stop doing
  • Things you want to do more of
  • Things you want to do less of ( mine is housework!)

I will be the first to put my hand up and say…I am an avid action plan writer and follower…I also absolutely admit that sometimes I am completely unrealistic…I clearly have delusional ideas that I am superwoman!

As a business owner, founder and coordinator of a charity and single parent to two gorgeous young ladies…I am darned busy!! I would like to also ensure that in the midst of all that ‘stuff’, be it very important…

…I want time for myself, to look after myself, to socialise….do you feel that too sometimes?

I’m a very social creature you know, but sometimes…I think I forget that!

As a ‘Mover Shaker’ I want to get as much done as possible…keep the momentum going….strike while the iron’s hot etc. so I create such an extensive daily action plan that I leave no time to be social…that’s just disastrous!

I, from time to time, need to reign myself in a little and that’s what you should be doing too.

We all know how important it is to create balance in our lives…yes we all know this but how many of us actually do it? As a coach and NLP practitioner I am very conscious of creating and maintaining balance for my clients. I am also very conscious that I need to walk my talk…otherwise what’s the point in all this, right?

Balance is key…without this, my clients will lose the will to do anything and what seemed like a fabulous idea…that thing that really fired them up…well it’s now a big fat burden and they don’t really want to do it anymore…can you relate to that?


We need time for our minds and bodies to do fun stuff, relax, unwind….just be.

Before the accident and the roller-coaster ride that was my introduction to 2014; I NEVER missed my kickboxing, Zumba or swimming sessions…these were important to my wellbeing and I knew it! Weekends…I still work for a few hours in the morning while the kids are still in bed (anyone in business will tell you this is sometimes necessary). Then the weekend belongs to me and the girls to do whatever our hearts desire (within reason of course!)

So now you have a fair idea of what this topic will cover, I will cover more on this another time…but I do want to leave you with a few questions to mull over until next time…

  1. Do you have an Action Plan?
  2. If not, how do you prioritise daily, weekly, monthly and into the future?
  3. If you do have an Action plan, is it realistic?





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