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I am Your Mindset and Lifestyle Engineer, inspiring confidence so you can be more, have more and do more.

Change your mindset, change your life, it really is that simple!

This website is all about personal and professional development and more importantly, it’s about finding your flow to success. If that’s what you are looking for, then you are in the right place.

Having lived a life sprinkled with adversity, I have turned many negatives into a GIGANTIC positive.

I believe your past does not have to control your present and future.

My life’s aspiration is to inspire you, by helping you conquer past trauma and doubt, and step into clarity, motivation, and confidence. Having those three skills fine-tuned will be what takes you smoothly towards your life goals, plans and dreams.

You know what you want for your life, but you don’t know where to start… am I right? I have made it my mission to walk with you and serve you on your journey to success.

Do you sometimes feel that, despite doing everything, slogging your pretty guts out daily; somehow things just don’t happen as you planned?

It’s as though there’s an invisible barrier getting in the way and no matter what you do, you just can’t get past it?

You and I will work together on a plan to identify and overcome these obstacles first.

I will work with you by helping you clear away doubt, gain clarity, motivation and confidence, so that you can navigate your life journey to where you know you deserve to be.

As a learning and development consultant, NLP coach and teacher, I will also focus on helping you gain new insight into adjusting your mindset for success.

Master mindset and REAL confidence, the rest is easy.

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Do you want to create an L&D service that’s efficient, dynamic and current?

Let me work with you to build a strong and creative blended system that is both dynamic, effective and tailored to your business needs.

My testimonials give you a good idea of what the staff within those services thought of my offering.

“Everyone needs a coach” Atul Gwande went on TED talks to tell us all the reasons why.

Using my clear proven step by step system; I will gently be guide you to identify and work through the grey areas that are stopping you from achieving your success.

In this fast paced, ever-changing world, a coach is more important than ever.

The group coaching club is a great way to get coaching if 1:1 is a little too scary.

Get the annual deal and pay less than £1.20 a day!

Enjoy working towards your goals with like-minded people and a coach that will get you fired up and ready to take on those obstacles that are in your way.

I took the leap of faith 10 years ago and became my own boss.

In that time, I have rebuilt my business after a life changing accident took it into rock bottom. I now run 3 businesses of my own.

It’s due to regularly being asked a great deal of questions, that I decided to set up my business coaching service.

Having risen from the ashes more than once, I use my own experiences, together with the skills and knowledge I gained to help you do the same… no matter where you are in your life.

It’s time to realise all you aspire to.

Why choose me?

You can have access to an expert who has worked with and successfully developed over 19,000 individuals in just the past 8 years.

My 26 years in people development have been exciting and I am not done yet!

First as a trainer, then a teacher, an L&D specialist, coach and NLP practitioner; studying human behaviour, 9 years using NLP for mind-set change, 10 years studying the psychology of self-sabotage, low confidence and limiting beliefs.

I’m using all of this knowledge to help you, and staff within organisations to success.

I believe what makes me unique is that I have found myself in many pickles and used all my experience and knowledge to bounce back (learn more about these in my blogs and vlogs).

My learning and development, coaching and NLP mindset helps me to enable you to discover the many possibilities open to you to successfully accomplish your life’s mission

I will help you clear the path; inspiring you to gain momentum towards your life of choice.

It’s Time to Make a Decision, Are You Ready?

Are you ready for me to help you develop greater self-awareness, highlight opportunities and improve mindset so that you can manage your own direction in life?

Change your lifestyle for the better or simply find the new ‘self’ that you are ready to step into?

If there was ever a right time to get a coach or join my extremely affordable coaching membership programme, this really is it!

I work with you to get you from where you are to where you want to get to. I compliment this service by offering free and paid for masterclasses and Workshops.

Let’s explore and discover more options than you thought you had available to you.

The questioning process triggers different resources within your brain, allowing you to become more creative and therefore, find more solutions to your personal and career transformation.

With all that is going on in the world, it’s time to start exploring your options, up skill and create a success mindset. It’s time to overcome the challenges and keep yourself ahead of the curve.

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I think I have answered most of your questions and shared something about myself.

I believe it is important for us to get to know each other and for you to get a feel for whether we are a good match (or not).

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