Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is all about how our minds work and how you can use language to change the way you think, behave and achieve results. This stuff is pretty amazing and has worked for so many of my clients… the beauty of it? It isn’t a one size fits all approach and I love that, because I know you are unique.

It is considered by many as the most powerful approach for communications, change and individual excellence. NLP is based on the belief that we all have the resources we require within us, we just need some help to tap into them. It”s all about how our minds work and how we can change things by changing the way we think about them.

As a qualified and registered NLP practitioner, I will work with you and help you to tap into the resources you already posses but don’t utilise. You and I will get to work on changing your mind set to attract the ‘right stuff’ into your life and have fun doing it!

When working with my clients, I find that Confidence usually has a part to play in many of the barriers they are facing. They don’t realise this until they come to see me.

I am completely in support of ‘try before you buy’ so I am offering you my Confidence Booster Blueprint for Free, when you join my Free Weekly Motivator Programme. It will get you going in the right direction.

Those two freebies will start helping and I have no doubt that you want some more of the same positive, supportive, focused guidance, and be ready to book your free discovery session.

I know it can be difficult to even take the step to find out more, however, if this sounds like something you want , I would urge you to get in touch to book your FREE discovery session 

I promise there’s no pushy sales pitch, we’ll just have a chat about you, what you’d like to happen in your life and how we can work together if you decide to take on my services.


These are just some of the most powerful accomplishments of NLP:

  • A fast (one session) phobia cure


  • Breaking bad habits and creating new beneficial habits


  • A learn-able model of the skills of exquisite communicators


  • A learn-able model of observing someone who is good at something you want to be good at and gaining that skill!


In NLP, the possibilities really are endless!

“Although at first I was rather pessimistic and wary, I feel that NLP has made huge improvements for me. It has helped me to clear my mind and focus on goals which have dramatically enhanced my life and study. I would strongly recommend NLP to anyone who wants to tap into their inner resources in order to achieve their desired outcomes” Hanna J.

“I wasn’t really sure whether NLP was for me or whether it would even work on me. I decided to try it out as a process of elimination so that I could then move on to try another approach. Shahilla talked me through the whole process and explained everything clearly, taking my personal wishes into account. Once the process was complete, I still wasn’t entirely sure. However that very week, an incident occurred where I would normally react aggressively, but for once…I didn’t, I felt calm and in control. So to all the pessimists out there who have outcomes they want to achieve, try it out” Alison H.

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