My story

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Have you got yourself a nice drink before you get all cosy and comfy to read this story? Yes? OK, here we go.

I love what I do because I have been in some sticky and some down right shitty situations in my life, where I thought there was no way forward. But, with a dollop of self-belief, sprinkling of vision, and huge quantities of clarity and motivation, here I am now; helping individuals get what they want from their life and their career, helping them to actualise those dreams and aspirations is an honour and a delight.

I feel privileged to have worked with so many different, interesting and inspiring people. I truly believe that everyone can achieve their aspirations, however, so many don’t; this is the reason I have decided to turn my focus on helping individuals who want to achieve their dreams and aspirations.

Everyone needs someone to help them along the way, someone to help them create manageable goals, someone to keep them motivated and challenge them to do and be their best and to celebrate their successes. This desire has led me to create a number of workshops so that I can help more people, achieve their best, more often. The workshops cover different aspects of support for people depending on where you are in your life’s journey.

As a coach I promise my clients that I will support them and deliver the odd swift kick up the arse if required, for their own good of course.

It was due to the difficulties some of my clients faced that I decided to look into the issue of people not being able to overcome barriers to fulfilling their dreams and aspirations; I really wasn’t surprised to find that there were three main barriers most individuals face:

– Lack of clarity – Lack of confidence – Lack of support.

As a well-respected and highly regarded trainer with over 20 years of experience in developing people, I believe I am exactly where I need to be at this moment in time… here with you.

I spent my younger years in this field delivering Diplomas in childcare and supporting families, parents and professionals. I have always wanted my work to help improve outcomes for children, individuals and society as a whole.

I am the the only remaining active founder of a charity working with siblings of children with disabilities, which I set up with a group of professionals in 1998. Still managing the same project in my (uhmm!) ‘spare’ time; I regard the project as my ‘labour of love’.

There is a passion and belief within me that everyone can be and do anything they put their mind to.

This passion led me to become a fully qualified coach and NLP practitioner with clients from various professions and circumstances including individuals, parents, and aspiring young people.

My current work comprises coaching and NLP for individuals, businesses, professionals in organisations; also developing and delivering training to professionals in a number of London local authorities and to embassy staff.

Oh my goodness! I’ve just read the above and feel it may make you think I’m a completely boring geek… disclaimer, this is not an implication that geeks are uncool, I know many and they are all super cool, and I’d like to think I am too.

My girls will agree wholeheartedly when I say, I’m quite a crazy, cool person. I love singing, dancing, dirt biking, quad biking… I’m a bit of a petrol head… you see? All that’s pretty cool.

One of my talents is the ability to develop and deliver courses, in doing so I have supported over 13,000 individuals and business professionals just in the past decade.



I once read something, somewhere, to this effect: “Your life is your story, to write, re-write and edit until it reads and looks exactly as you want and planned”

Then came the cosseted BOOK, this was my challenge, an aspiration I wasn’t certain I would fulfill at this point in my life… I did it! Numbers two and three are on their way soon so keep an eye out.

This is my way of walking my talk, it’s all very well pushing my clients along… but if I’m not pushing myself, they’ll be the ones giving me a swift kick up the arse, for good!

If you want to become part of your very own lifestyle revolution, join me here. It’s time to let your story commence…

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