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Here are some really good freebies I have put together for you… now, I am sure I don’t need to say this, but me being me, I’ll say it anyway… Freebies are only good value if you actually use them.

So please use them and let me know what you think… did it change your life in any way at all? You know that’s my main mission; to help you be the best version of you, to achieve the life you aspire to, your ambitions.

Take a look at the list below and select your freebie (or freebies) of choice. Happy reading and more importantly, happy doing (doesn’t sound quite as intended but I think you get the gist right?).


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Here are some useful downloads that you can use to get you on your way towards your lifestyle of choice… the key is to put them to good use otherwise it just won’t work.

Action Focused Self-reflection SBAction Planning Sheet 2013


What is NLP 

What is coaching 

Here are a few wise word from yours truly

These are just a few short clips taken from my 7 Obstacles videos programme. I share a great deal of useful hints and tips in these so well worth a watch.

Want to see more? There are more mini videos on my You tube Channel to watch more go here

Do you ever look at someone and think… “I wish I could have THAT kind of confidence” You are not alone, when I start working with you as a private client, confidence is the starting point.

I have found over the years, that it is a lack of confidence in certain aspects of your life that gets in the way of you moving forward.

However, I know not everyone necessarily wants or can afford a coach (although I believe everyone should have one) and I get that, and as a coach, I don’t accept just anyone as a private client.

Having a client is a like entering into a new relationship where trust and compatibility matter most, so choosing the right match is important for you and me.

Another thing that’s crucial for me is only taking on clients that get off their arse and do the work.

This little gem is for you, it’s a good starting point and it gives you a chance to get to know me better.

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Front cover 7 dreamIf you’re looking for some serious motivation and ‘coaching in print’ this is the one for you.

You will come back to this document time and time again it’s a your personal coach on a shelf, covering the most common obstacles you and I face from time to time.

Giving you the direction you need to start zapping those barriers away, warrior style!

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The Secret to Confidence – Free Webinar

“Let’s be honest, we have all been in that dreaded situation where we guiltily feel ‘Confidence Envy’ and it’s usually someone we know (that’s where the guilt comes into it).  Do they ever feel those moments? you know, the ones I mean; when suddenly your nerves turn into something much bigger…your hands start to feel clammy, your heart feels like it’s going to beat right out of you. You feel the heat rising up towards your head and at the same time you feel your confidence heading south and out the door…abandonment! Arrghhh”

I want to solve that for you in just 60 minutes:

  • Discover The Secrets to Becoming a More Confident You
  • Take and use my simple and practical 6 step system
  • Regain control during those ‘wobbly’ moments
  • Pick up some great self-coaching and NLP hints and tips to use straight away

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Here’s just a snippet of the feedback from attendees to the last one:

I was fortunate to catch the webinar by Shahilla called “The Art of Confidence”…I was taken by surprise on the depth of this webinar. The content was just amazing & very informative, Shahilla was precise & accurate with her teachings and to cap it all, her cheat sheets were outstanding. Nelson R.

“so much useful information for free, thank you!”

“This is just great, I am getting so much…”

“I now know exactly what my barrier is and I know exactly what I need to do to change that…thank you”

“…I wish I had told more of my friends”

“Last night’s Free Training Webinar has got my mind ‘werring’ away, I have spent the best part of the morning reflecting on the information you gave and I am now beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel….”

” I think I have a plan of action now, thanks so much I feel so fired up!”

” This may have been about confidence, but I’m feeling so motivated to start using the tips you’ve given”