Elders With Attitude

Elders with attitude!

I love people watching, do you do that too sometimes?


You can learn so much by watching others behaviours, interactions ad responses (or non-response). We as human beings are rather fun and interesting to watch and most of us do love watching others and how life situations affect them.


Their reactions and interactions, in some way, provide us with a little comfort…


…that we are ‘normal’ or the we aren’t the ‘only ones’ or sometimes it quietly reassures us that we are doing ‘okay’ and at other times it just makes us grateful or entertains us.


This could be the very reason why there are so many popular reality shows…don’t you think?


I generally don’t have much time for telly but on the odd occasion, I love to watch a reality show…my excuse? As an NLP practitioner I need to practice observing behaviours and listening to interactions to stay sharp, picking up on the nuances in behaviour that sometimes tell a different story to the one being articulated.


Anyway, I digress; my story today is about an elderly lady with attitude. This woman showed so much self-belief and confidence that we all naturally conformed and felt a little bit confused and somewhat  cheated…


I was happily sat at the red traffic lights, like a good ‘mummy taxi’ for my youngest (I hasten to add, I was much happier than the guy in the picture below)…

…who happens to have a much busier social life than I do. There were a few shoppers waiting to cross as there was traffic coming into the road, so they patiently waited…and waited.

Then,  just as the lights turned amber, I got into gear ready to roll…but no wait…a little old lady with a walking stick barged through the other pedestrians and  stepped out into the road, a kind soul tried to pull her back to safety, but this feisty lady wasn’t having any of it!

As she S-l-o-w-l-y crossed the road, she made no eye contact with me or the driver coming from the opposite side…

…what could we do? We both just waited, watched her take her sweet time, I resigned myself to

Sitting Duck Cheated by an Frail Elderly Lady!

Sitting Duck Cheated by a Frail Elderly Lady!

being sat at the same traffic lights for round two…I felt totally powerless…should I hoot at her NO I didn’t want to be responsible for giving her a fatal fright, she was a frail old lady (with attitude nonetheless). I didn’t dare roll down my window and voice my agitation…it wouldn’t be right and there was quite a crowd of shoppers at the crossing now and things could get ugly even if I’m polite and I really just wanted to be on my way with minimal fuss.


The other disgruntled driver didn’t do anything either…we just both looked a little irritated and quite cheated of our turn to go along our merry way.


The other pedestrians just watched with interest to see how this strange situation would pan out, I wonder if they felt a little bemused by this lady’s feistiness.


After the initial disorientation due to the surrealism of the situation, I couldn’t help but giggle at the playback in my head…what a lady!

So you see, that was one confident, self-assured lady with some serious attitude.

She was just so sure that we would react exactly as we did.

So she just rolled on without a care, without eye contact, no fear, very slowly with her walking stick and no one objected…awww! Sweet really.


There are two lessons here:


  1. Attitude, self-belief and the balls to take the leap make to make things happen, is the key to success.

The book The Secret, alludes to the fact that if you think it, it shall be. In that particular context, I would add ‘and act’ after the word ‘think’ I am all for believing but without action, there is no progress. Things come to you by believing firstly that you can (self-belief) and then taking the necessary action to make it happen.


  1. Despite all the horrible, sad things going on in this world which the media scramble to tell as about many times and in as many different formats; there is still hope for humanity and that thought warms my cockles!

People are largely wonderful, kind beings. The majority of society still has a regard and a respect for the elderly and vulnerable…how beautiful is that?

We need to believe that most of society is good because that thought in itself will determine your behaviour towards new people.

There are some expectations for people to behave in a certain way in certain situations, but like this story proves, there may be that dare devil with a bit of attitude and bags of self-belief…you may be pleasantly surprised.

Don't Mess! There's Psychology at Ppay here!

Don’t Mess! There’s Psychology at play here!

So next time you have a challenge, just think about the elder with attitude and go for it!