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Learning and organisational development should be the heartbeat of any organisation, it is the place that makes sure the teams have the skills to do the job at optimum levels, the place that has it’s finger on the pulse of change, it is where the business aspirations are at the fore when developing learning experiences for individuals and teams. I help you get the best out of your teams and put the best into their CPD, developing capabilities, enhancing skills. I can help you make them feel valued and able to see and want progression within your organisation retention of good staff is key to the success of most organisations).

Learning should be a fun, enjoyable experience. If you are relaxed and comfortable in the environment, you will naturally want to ask questions, explore, suggest. Creating a comfortable environment will help you to learn so much more effectively than if I were to talk at you for the entire session, that’s not my style and my testimonials are evidence that my approach really works.

Designing, developing and delivering training to staff within organisations, is what I do. You can commission a whole range of training, coaching, NLP for your staff, request your copy of the training brochure.

Delivering training is just one element of L&OD support I can provide, I can help design systems to include the full training cycle from needs analysis, design, delivery, monitoring and measuring impact, look at what you as an organisation can do to improve retention, use L&OD resources more efficiently and effectively. Coaching and NLP can, upon request, be included in most training packages.

I love to see people grow their skills and knowledge, achieving their personal and career goals and vision. It is for this reason, I went back to school to learn how to teach and coach. Now, many years on, my qualification as a Teacher is something I enjoy utilising, It has allowed me to design, develop and offer a range of training to the public sector, private sector, voluntary organisations, and young people’s boards.

I have supported a number of organisations and services, by developing systems for the full training cycle, frameworks for the L&OD service.  I have delivered presentations as speaker and presenter, and designed and delivered bespoke training on a range of topics. I am pleased to say that feedback has always been very good, and I pride myself in delivering the very best service to my customers.

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I believe success is measured by how you/your service/your workforce has improved in direct relation to my involvement.

Well versed in the full training cycle; I am keen to measure impact on an on-going basis because I believe that there is always value in exploring different ways of doing things… self-improvement is an exciting, challenging and learning journey, not a destination.

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My Ethos:


  • To work with you to realise your true potential and create a ‘can do’ attitude towards achieving your goals


  • To listen to your needs and understand your vision


  • To create a bespoke package if required


  • To provide a service that not only meets your needs, but exceeds your expectations.


With over 24 years of experience and real passion to empower through training, workforce development and coaching; supporting a variety of organisations and individuals; you can have confidence in my ability to deliver.


Specially Designed Training For Team Cohesion, Effective Communication and More


Empowering your staffThere is a range of training courses for you to select from, all designed and constantly improved by me to ensure you get the most up to date training available. However, as I’m keen to ensure that you receive exactly what you want, I can also develop bespoke training packages to suit your needs. Packages can include elements of Coaching and NLP if required and/or requested. All my associate trainers are members of the ETF, CIPD or ILM and are committed to their own professional development.

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Everything DiSC Certified Trainer


Everything DiSC is a behavioural model which looks at tendencies, preferences, priorities and styles. Each profile focuses on a specific context helping you to improve in that particular area .

The assessment comes up with a very detailed report which forms an incredible platform for coaching as it helps the ‘coachee’ really focus on the elements that they feel they want to work on, The document can be used to work towards future coaching goals too, so a sound investment all round.

Everything DiSC is the worlds’ most popular and validated personality/behaviour assessment. Everything DiSC profiles can be used with everyone in an organisation, regardless of title or role, to improve the quality of the workplace.

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Children’s Services Specialist Training




There are a variety of courses for professionals working with children, young people and families. My associates and I have memberships to various networks to ensure that we provide you with training that is in line with any new developments in this field of work.

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Developing Our Young People

Other areas I specialise in include working with young people to develop transferable skills that they can utilise in their personal lives and take into the workplace. This service branches out to offer training and support to the many independent youth coaches that do great work with children and young people, but are unclear about the legal requirements in keeping children safe and protecting themselves from allegations.

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Do You Work Alone?


Like many excellent children’s service providers out there delivering one to one, team sports coaching, individual/group performance coaching, tuition, children’s entertainment; you may have come from an unrelated professional background and may need information, support and guidance on the work you do now.


Do you feel that you sometimes need support and information on aspects of Child Protection and other Statutory obligations relating to working with children and young people (CYP)? Do you know where you can get this support?

Become a member and get the support and guidance you need from an experienced practitioner. 

I know that many standalone service providers working with children need additional support but don’t always get the kind of practical support they need or are looking for.


Although you may have access to receive free Child Protection Training through your local authority; either face to face or on-line, this really is just the tip of the iceberg. There are formalities such as forms, good record keeping, consent issues and so much more which, if you know it, is very simple…BUT if you don’t know it, the consequences could be dire. Get in Touch to find out how I can help you with all of this and more.

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Here are a couple of Free Guides I know you will find useful:

An overview of Your duties under the Children Act 2004

An Overview of The Data Protection Act to Help You Share Information With Confidence

 Want to know what others think about my work?


“Shahilla has been involved in developing and delivering Integrated Working training in London Borough of Richmond, and Royal Borough of Kingston, and latterly for Achieving for Children (AfC), for 9 years. This work has included delivering multi-agency training for the Common Assessment Framework, Information Sharing and also the IT system that supports the process, Holistix eCAF. Shahilla’s knowledge of local services and processes, and how they work together to support vulnerable children and families is invaluable.  Crucially, she also has a very secure understanding of guidance and the legislative framework underpinning the processes, and is able to communicate this very effectively, and in an engaging manner when delivering the training. Shahilla has delivered a number of separate training events that I have managed, to an audience of staff from local authority, health, schools, nurseries and other staff working with children and young people.   She has been extremely reliable when committing to deliver training, and also very flexible in adding extra dates, sometimes at short notice, when requested. I have no hesitation in recommending Shahilla as an experienced, engaging and reliable trainer.” C. Reynolds, Professional Development Lead, Workforce Development Team, Achieving for Children


“Thank you for a brilliant training session. You managed to turn a serious and potentially ‘functional’ training session into something that was fascinating and enjoyable. Your personable style helped me to make sense of the subject matter.” Lee Herdman, Deputy Headteacher, Stanley Primary School


“A Brilliant day, wish all training was delivered in this way.” J.Davies, Kings Oak Primary School


“Shahilla managed to make a ‘DRY’ session really enjoyable through her enthusiasm. A. Long Educational Psychologist


“Great training yet again, thanks.” J.Davies FSW


“The workshop was  very interesting with useful activities and discussions, a very approachable trainer, clear explanations were provided. I learned so many new things that I can start using. Very good training with an enthusiastic and interesting facilitator. I recommend this training.” S. Welsch SPA Team


“The trainer’s knowledge and skills were excellent in delivery; she really engaged with the audience and covered so much useful ground which really helped with the learning process.” T.H School teacher


“I thoroughly recommend Shahilla as a coach. Initially somewhat cynical with regard to coaching I was soon convinced by her ability to support individuals to achieve their full potential. She helped me to set goals and to design helpful tasks that would assist me in making those goals a reality. Shahilla worked with me to identify specific goals, something I had found difficult to do alone, and encouraged me to understand what I wanted to achieve. She assisted me in developing reflective tools and helped me to consider my performance and find new and innovative ways of improving. I focussed on areas including public speaking, delivering and teaching effective sessions to different age groups, and time management. Overall I have a more positive and can-do attitude and I am more strategic in my approach to achieving my career goals.” Beth Michael, University Lecturer


“A confident and knowledgeable trainer who delivered the content thoroughly. I feel so much more confident about applying my new found knowledge to my role.” H.Stewart, Deputy Manager, Nursery


“A professionally presented workshop, thank you.” Sheila E.


“The course leader was excellent! Very knowledgeable, fascinating to listen to and engaging. A potentially depressing day of training was communicated positively and powerfully.” G.T  Voluntary Sector


“The trainer’s knowledge and experience was very helpful. The trainer was also very approachable.” A.M Teacher


“The group was of mixed knowledge and experience, yet everyone was made to feel comfortable and able to contribute.” S.P Nursey Manager


“The tutor was friendly and the course was enjoyable and interesting”. M.D Police


“Flexible course has helped me to understand how to assess the needs of the child/ young person and the importance of working as a team with other professionals to address the child’s needs.” F.E  Education Services


“Thank you for supporting  ‘Newbie’ in this area  so well.” Emma Jackson Teacher/SENCO


“I loved the course and the trainer I thought we had a great group of people and would recommend this to all in my work place.” SENCO Richmond


“We as a group were given the opportunity to explore the subject and how we would assess situations. A very approachable trainer who made us feel we could ask anything.  Thank you for a great training session, excellent delivery.” S.E. Health Worker


“Organised, thorough and very approachable. I feel so much more confident now.” C.D. Nursery Manager


“Good use of material for the times allocated. Good group management and use of the room. The individual style of the trainer was engaging.” No, the trainer was fab! Head Teacher

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“Shahilla Barok, has worked with me on several occasions.  I have found her to be an excellent Coach and NLP Practitioner and her demeanour is second to none.  She has the ability to make anyone who is with her very comfortable.  I have no qualms in recommending her at all.  Everyone and anyone would do well to have a coach like her.”  Z. Eltohame, PA Embassy of the Sultanate of Oman


“Great mix of activities, discussion and PowerPoints; a thorough and approachable trainer. I felt comfortable asking any questions I had.” H.K. Family Support Worker


“An extremely relevant and proactive team building session, shedding new light to the different functions of team members and how we can all work together more effectively.” Thank you AF.


“Very good trainer, information was presented clearly.” Thank you. C.H Children’s Services


“The trainer was very focussed on our individual circumstances, Thank you.” E. Jackson Latchemere School


“This training was time well spent.” N. Patel DCT


“The Facilitator was confidant and knowledgeable. Extremely approachable, knew the subject well so answered questions fully. I feel so much more confident now.” Maria Clinton SPA Team


“As a police officer it is essential to understand how other agencies operate in order for there to be true integrated working. I found the the CAF guidelines very useful in terms of why teachers/ social workers may refer to the police.  Thus is useful in compiling reports in the police when sharing information with multi-agency partners.” Sophie M Thank you.


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“The Training was very clear, the trainer was very friendly and approachable, giving clear examples and answering questions as they came up.” M.A  Kingston


“The action learning sets proved really useful in helping me to think outside of the box and try new ways of approaching challenges. The experience has also changed the way I communicate with staff; I now use the questioning method to empower them to find their own answers to challenges relating to their area of work.”  VM Service Manager, Royal Borough Of Kingston


“The Trainer was clear and concise, helped when I needed guidance. Using examples and explaining why really helped me to understand the process.” Laura Deane, Family Support Worker


“Very clear comprehensive, well-pitched and useful. Thank you.” N.L. Designated Child Protection teacher


“Excellently delivered, really knew her stuff. I felt I could ask anything. Answers were always backed up with explanations and reference to legislation. Thank You.” S.L. Health Worker


“A very well presented session which will inform management and practice.” M.Z. LADO Kingston


“Excellent session, friendly and approachable trainer. All the resources were really useful.” E. Dooley, Centre Manager


“A thorough and valuable workshop.” S.Ellis, Children’s Services


“Many thanks for such an interactive and informative workshop.” Mark Educational Psychologist


“A very helpful and patient trainer. Thank you.” P. Ayres Health Visitor


“Thank you so much, I feel more confident and more able to cope.” K.H. Coaching client.


“I very much enjoyed the session as Shahilla was very helpful and the session ran smoothly.” C. Brackstone, Youth Worker


“No question was thought of as silly or irrelevant and all were answered thoroughly with examples.” M.D Children’s Centre Manager


“The trainer was very clear, logical and friendly, thank you.” E. Booth Latchmere School


“The Facilitator’s Skills and knowledge were excellent, she engaged, I now understand the process and actions I need to take going forward.” C.C  Business Professional

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