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It was yet another barrier that  June amazingly overcame.

Coaching is not counselling, it’s not mentoring and this type of coaching is not sports coaching…

 So WHAT is it?

Coaching is a method of support that guides you to dig deep and find the barriers and blockages to achieving the things you want. As your coach I will guide and empower you to decide the best course of action towards your desired results. I am not the expert in your situation…YOU are.

You need to be ready and willing to do what’s necessary to work towards your goal.

This is really deep level work which requires complete commitment on your part and mine.

I am fully committed to helping you achieve all that you desire, however, if you aren’t ready to act on the identified actions and do the work, then coaching may not be for you.

  • Confidence – in social situations, work, presenting, interviewing etc.



  • Career – change of career, new job, goals in current job, return to work, relationships at work etc.

  • One to One coaching for aspiring young people 

As your coach, I aim to work with you, helping you take those steps towards your aspirations, but it is you who will take all the necessary actions; which are identified by you.

I will keep you motivated, ask carefully selected questions and on occasion, challenge your limiting beliefs…my job as your coach is to walk beside you and ensure you take those important actions towards your goal, one step at a time.

I know it can be difficult to even take the step to find out more, however, if this sounds like something you want,

I would urge you to get in touch to book your FREE discovery session 

I promise there’s no pushy sales pitch, we’ll just have a chat about you, what you’d like to happen in your life, whether we are a good ‘fit’ and how we can work together if you decide to take on my services.


 “The coaching sessions I received were more beneficial than I could ever have hoped…I was assisted in meeting my short term goals and also helped to take a more positive and strategic approach to my decision making process…I am now far more considered in my decision making…I am grateful for your assistance…thank you.” B.Michael, Lecturer University of Bedfordshire

“My coaching sessions helped me to clearly identify the issues that had been bothering me, and to find ways  of overcoming them individually. My confidence by the end of the the sessions was far higher than at the start. It helped to have someone to talk to and to celebrate my achievements with. Thank you” Nicola E. IT Consultant


Shahilla Barok, has worked with me on several occasions.  I have found her to be an excellent Coach and NLP Practitioner and her demeanour is second to none.  She has the ability to make anyone who is with her very comfortable.  I have no qualms in recommending her at all.  Everyone and anyone would do well to have a coach like her.                 Z. Eltohame, PA Embassy of the Sultanate of Oman


Shahilla is a truly excellent Personal Coach who builds a high level of trust and rapport with her clients in order to develop really effective coaching relationships. 
Her listening skills are exceptional, and her questioning techniques really get to the heart of the matter, removing obstacles that interfere with her client’s performance. Shahilla provides strong support to ensure that her clients take the actions that they need to succeed. 
Having worked closely with Shahilla over the past year, I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her coaching business.

D. Moseley, Head of Business Development and Marketing

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