“Close your eyes, close your eyes…

“Close your eyes, close your eyes…Lady eyes closed


…now close em!!” (John Keating)

So what do you see? There have been so many occasions when a client informs me that they cannot visualise as they aren’t’ that way inclined.

The truth is, everyone is visual to a certain extent, we don’t think or dream in words and numbers, we think and dream in pictures….why don’t you try it right now by thinking back to what you did yesterday.

When we recount memories, we actually see them happening in our mind’s eye. Granted, some are better at this than others. Your memory may also recall, sounds, smells, tastes if you are that way inclined. Bringing in other senses can sometimes help those who find it difficult to exclusively visualise, they may be able to recall a taste, a smell, a feeling, a sound (children are really good at this).


So often, people do not realise the full value of imagination.


Our imagination gives us a break from the day to day, refreshing and recharging us by going into a space that allows us to just be. This is what meditation is about, visualising something that relaxes you or focussing on one thing and keeping all other thoughts at bay.


But what of those who have their eyes open and still don’t see?


This question sounds a bit like a riddle…but it’s not. Seriously, we are all guilty of this at certain times. We go about our daily business and look around us but we don’t see, we miss so many things of beauty, inspiration, moments that cannot be rewound.


I am just as guilty as everyone else.


I was recently treated to a day out to Kew Gardens by some very good friends. The deal was it was

A Hugging Tree with it's very own crochet cardigan!

A Hugging Tree with it’s very own crochet cardigan!

just the three of us no kids and we agreed to just ‘BE’ and enjoy, take in the wonderful environment that we were in. The weather that day was gorgeous. I love doing that, just being, although I admit, I haven’t had much of an opportunity of late (I will make more opportunities!). I was like a freed prisoner, from lap top and office, marvelling at the colours and the delightful huggable tree…yes I had to share the picture isn’t it great?


You’re probably wondering how this relates to the rest of this email…keep reading and you’ll see that there is in fact a point to this seemingly unrelated story.


So here we were in Kew Gardens for the day, all of us, quite philosophical, we talked a great deal about life and all that lies within. In awe of nature, which is so beautifully presented at Kew Gardens, we erupted into a conversation about looking, but not really seeing and funnily enough whilst having this conversation…


…We happily walked on and then realised that we had passed a group of magical monkey puzzle trees…


…well if there was ever proof for a statement…there it was!

We all look at things all the time but do we really see them? It’s much like when you are doing your daily commute to work by car and then you do the same route by foot…you see so much more, I do this from time to time, just to see all the things I would have missed whilst driving.

It’s about being present in the moment, aware (if you’ve never tried mindfulness, I highly recommend it), if you are present in the moment, you see more, notice more and you may even notice new opportunities, some that perhaps, have come by before….but you weren’t really looking.


Being present takes some practice and it’s ok if you wander off every now and then…as with all my hints and tips, practice makes perfect


Have you ever walked part of your daily commute or other regular journeys?


Try it, you’ll notice a whole new bounty of undiscovered, unnoticed treasures that you probably did look at…but just didn’t really see.