From Moth to Social Butterfly

Get your copy here. Learn to engage with strangers without the waffle, complete with my quirky sense of humour. It’s the first in the series of pocket Coach Books so keep your eye out for others as they make their merry way to this page. .

Discover the simple yet effective ways to socialising with such ease, you’ll be the envy of the party.

Quickly learn how to use simple techniques, understand the definition of a ‘fuckwit’ and how to avoid them (or toy with them), and learn how to build and maintain rapport quickly and easily

Become a savvy socialiser within minutes of using this book with a few quick start tips. A snip at just £5.99 plus P&P

From Moth to Social Butterfly. A quick, no nonsense guide to socialising for beginners or if you want to improve your ‘socialising savvy.’

This short, sharp and sometimes ‘corny’ guide to socialising is the first in the Pocket Coach series of books. This book will be a great start to helping you become a social butterfly and I am confident that it will always remain a great point of reference for you when you want to further improve your techniques.

You must be warned: this is a doing book, no good buying it and popping it on a shelf, it really can’t help you from there. Use it, follow the guidance and watch your own metamorphoses.

You’ll Love This Book If You:

  • Are the type that doesn’t really want to expend too much energy socialising

  • Would rather do what moths do and hover around the light fitting unnoticed

  • Hate reading long winded, fluff filled self-help books

  • Like people to get to the point as quickly as possible

    Psst… you know you can’t away get away with the light fitting scenario too often don’t you?