Action Planning and The Really Big Stuff

Now I have written quite a bit around this topic, but believe it or not, there’s still more that I want to add as this is the make or break of you achieving all that you aspire to. You know, I have been thinking about the terminology of this particular topic and I wonder if like some of my clients you too have a block on the words action plan?

If you do, let’s deal with that right away!3d Man whitebaord dream big


What do you want to call the stepping stones to fulfil your goals?  You can call it whatever you like, go ahead and write the new name down and check to make sure it feels good, motivating, exhilarating, use words that inspire you. Mine is called True Worth because I am working towards what I feel is the true worth of my life.


I am more than happy to share that one with you, if you like it and it feels right to you.


Did you see what you just did? You completed an action in just a few short sentences…


…I bet you could do that with all your other stepping stone actions too


It’s a case of just do it, don’t think about it too much, if you’ve read my 7 obstacles report, you will know that this is known as procrastination. Yes no one likes to hear that they may be procrastinating but we are all guilty of it at some point or another and yes I do pull my clients up on this one because it means that there is an underlying issue blocking them and it stops them from moving onwards and upwards.


So let me now get to the real point…The ‘BIG stuff’ by asking you just one question…


How far into the future does your ‘True Worth’ (Action planning) go?


Well worth thinking about that one, it is after all, about the ‘True Worth’ of your life.


If you only have your short term action planning, how will you track progress on your medium and long term aspirations?

The medium and long term aspirations are the big stuff, especially the long term stuff like perhaps creating the right circumstances needed for you to have that dream family holiday, or having that more reliable car or maybe even bigger; buying your first or new next home.


That’s the big stuff…


…whatever it is, you will have tasks that will need doing further down the line and they need to be written down somewhere. Those tasks are very important because those will be translated into the smaller stepping stones in your day to day goals. You need these written down somewhere so you can check you are on track. I have written mine down in the back of my ‘True Worth’ (Action Planning) book. Every day I look at that medium to long term list of tasks and see which ones I can bring to the front of the book, translate them into small steps so I can do them and tick them off. The long term stuff can really help you focus, keep your eye on the ball (well…the end goal in this case).

If you do this as a matter of course, it becomes a habit; you will see progress on a daily basis and that will keep you motivated to continue…that’s the whole pint of this..

Priority tickIt motivates you to carry on and that’s the whole point.


My father was a hard task master when we were growing up; he’s putty in the grand children’s hands now though. My father always reminded me that I can do anything I put my mind to, I can do anything that’s already been done and there’s nothing stopping me from becoming an innovator, a trail blazer…well why not? This has stayed with me throughout my life and I live my life by that belief.


I want to remind you of those very things, you are incredible, you just need to believe that and take the necessary steps.

The best thing about your ‘Big Stuff’ Action Plan, True worth list, Funky things list or whatever you have called it is that by writing down those big things you have already made them manageable, then by breaking them down, you make them less daunting, more do-able and eventually they’ll be done!! Ticked off your list completely! How fabulous does that thought make you feel? As with anything, the more you do it, the easier it gets and the better you get at it.

So if you haven’t factored in the ‘Big Stuff’ yet….go now, get your list done, you need to know your destination otherwise you could get lost along the way and I really don’t want that for you.