From Moth to Social Butterfly

Get your copy here. Learn to engage with strangers without the waffle, complete with my quirky sense of humour. It's the first in the series of pocket Coach Books so


Watch This Video   It was yet another barrier that  June amazingly overcame. Coaching is not counselling, it's not mentoring and this type of coaching is not sports coaching...  So WHAT


Learning should be a fun, enjoyable experience. If you are relaxed and comfortable in the environment, you will naturally want to ask questions, explore, suggest. Creating a comfortable environment will help you


Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is all about how our minds work and how you can use language to change the way you think, behave and achieve results. This stuff is


  Ever feel like you haven’t moved from this place of safety… where nothing exciting ever happens?

Do you feel frustrated about the way your life is going? Do you want more from life?

To be able to follow your dreams without putting up all the reasons you ‘can’t’ or ‘shouldn’t’? 

To eliminate, organise and spring clean the chaos that’s going on in your head but don’t know where to start

Do you want more but know your thinking isn’t clear, despite trying, the results you want are pants, they are not what you deserve and are a far cry from what you really want.

You know you are worth more than this, capable of more… you just need to get into the right mindset.

I feel your pain, frustrations and moments of despair when you wonder “is this it?” this ‘wanting’ is a journey, I am still on mine but I know I’m on the right path and you can be too.

Imagine starting to work towards your vision of how your life should look.

Imagine that you have the career you’ve always wanted, a great lifestyle and strong steady relationships, being completely content with ‘your lot’. How does it feel just to think about it?

I know it feels great, I was there… actually if I’m honest, I was much further down from there, in a dark, hopeless place that didn’t make me happy.

Let me help you, out of this dystopia, this clone like auto pilot mode you’re on because you think that’s what life is all about.

Let Me help you get back in ‘the zone’, but be assured there’s work ahead.

You will need to put the work in and if you do I can guarantee that you will see things moving steadily towards your vision of how you want your life to be.

Call me, email me, better still, book your free consultation so we can start working on getting you there.